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Creating Legacy
Real Estate Assets

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Our meticulous due diligence and negotiations guarantee smooth and effective transactions, securing properties that stand out for their distinct value and exclusivity. Beyond the purchase, we incorporate your new assets into your broader investment strategy, boosting its diversity, stability, and overall returns.

Moreover, we offer extensive management and upkeep of your legacy properties—whether residential or institutional—ensuring their prosperity for generations to come.

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Custom Real Estate Strategy

Rigorous Due Diligence

Portfolio Integration

Legacy Property Managements

Asset Value Maximization

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Rajmohan was introduced to us by one of our friends to handle our personal investments. Over time, we understood Entrust has deep expertise in the area of real estate, which was of interest.

Their tailored strategies for building real estate asset class have indeed come in handy for our requirements and we were pleasantly surprised. The comprehensive due diligence process coupled with their negotiation skills and rigorous scrutiny, ensures transactions are secure. Their understanding of  our requirements was precise and thereafter they took full control and executed a highly complex deal with absolute ease relieving our bandwidth entirely.

Shri. Jayadeep K R Reddy

Pro Chancellor, CMR University, CEO - CMR Group of Institutions