Client Speak

Nandan Nilekani has been a client of Entrust from its inception in the year 2013. Given the potential India presents itself in the financial services sector, he is very graciously mentoring Entrust as it looks to scale up. As a Mentor, his insights on business, the industry landscape and customer relations has been of immense value to Entrust.

Nandan Nilekani

Co-Founder and Non- Executive Chairman of Infosys & Founding Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

First client of Entrust Family Office since 2013


"My relationship with Entrust goes back even before the company was launched. I knew Rajmohan, the other founders, and the team at Entrust when they set out on their journey of providing unbiased, customer-centric, transparent and holistic Family Office services to select clients. Their promise of putting “Customer” first in terms of assessing specific investment needs, risk appetite and return expectations; and managing their wealth in the most efficient ways has withstood the test of time. The code of ethics and financial dealings including relations with other financial products and business partners have been consistently above board and exceptional. From humble beginnings, Entrust has grown in stature and confidence in the eyes of its customers, managing the bulk or all of their assets and wealth over the years, I can personally vouch for this. Entrust brought in impactful, long-term changes in my portfolio allocations that has led to considerable reduction in risk, lock-ins and costs while ensuring predictable returns.

It's more than a business and transactional relationship; in fact, we have a true family connection with Entrust that has been nurtured carefully and I am delighted and grateful. I believe Entrust is well poised to grow in the future based on the strong foundation laid by the founding team and the senior management."

N R K Raman

Advisor - Business and Technology Strategy; Angel Investor and formerly MD & CEO of Oracle Financial Services S/w (i-flex solutions).

Client of Entrust since 2013

Final Golf

"Reaching the age of 65 is a momentous occasion. Living in the US, this is the time when most people retire. It is a milestone, at which time people start to draw on their social security and are eligible for Medicare. It is a time when you stop and reflect on the times gone by and plan for the journey ahead. So when I reached this age, it was time for me to put my affairs in order. After dealing with my retirement issues in the US, I turned my attention to India and started searching for an organization or an entity that could help me with our family affairs in India. After searching and enquiring and reading about the various options available I discovered Entrust.

We have been working with Entrust for the last 3 years. Entrust has been fully integrated into all of our family affairs and succession planning. Finding Entrust was like finding a second family that is your own. Entrust gives us a peace of mind that cannot be measured. The principals at Entrust exude a quiet confidence and warmth that carries over to their clients. Our family now knows that we are in good hands and we have a safe harbor regardless of the storms that may buffet us in the years to come, knowing that Entrust will help and guide us in our journey forward.

Entrust has helped us in organize our financial plans and the management of our assets in India. They are well versed with the latest rules and regulations with regards to banking, taxation, FEMA and FERA and treasury functions in India and they have helped us make clear and precise decisions with regard to our family's financial affairs. They have started to manage our affairs in India and have begun interacting with our customers as our family representatives and agents. All through this process, they have been extremely professional and yet have exhibited the personal touch that makes them special.

Being associated with Entrust makes life’s journey that much more comfortable and pleasant. It is like being enveloped with a warm blanket on a cold winter's day….."

Arjun Reddy

US NRI and Client of Entrust since 2019


"The essence of wealth management is trust. The wealth manager ought to be a trustee for the client. The true test of a wealth manager’s brand equity is the degree to which the client is willing to repose near blind trust in him. I am happy to say that I have experienced this phenomenon with Entrust Family Office. Their managers are trust worthy. Their concern for the client is honest. Their ability to understand client needs and design appropriate investment strategies is comparable to competitive benchmarks. Their measured conservatism is reassuring.
I have found their client-centric service philosophy to be holistic. They address client needs in totality, providing help and advice beyond the immediate boundaries of pure wealth management. I also find it comforting that the Entrust promoters subscribe to a vision founded on values that define a societal role for business. Entrust-promoted NGO, Ekatvam strives to provide compassionate care for the elderly. It also contributes to the cause of performing arts, particularly Indian classical music.
I wish Entrust all the very best in its growth journey."


Ex- Executive Director of ITC and client of Entrust since 2019