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Today, the world recognises the Indian expatriate to be ubiquitous and successful, blossoming like a sturdy flower in every landscape on the globe. This has given rise to a new class of HNI expatriates who retain strong bonds with India. Entrust is proud to offer an exclusive service for this niche clientele. As an HNI-OCI, what can you expect from us?

If you are a typical HNI-OCI, you would be investing a good amount of money in India. You are probably keeping one eye on the Indian market on a daily basis, and trying to manage your portfolio with the help of a scattering of people, including Indian wealth managers. You’re doing a great job of managing it all by visiting India 2 to 4 times a year. But it can get tiring. You could use a trusted ally who will watch over your investments, proactively seek to grow them and keep you updated on a regular basis.

As an HNI-OCI, you are probably concerned about the health and wellness of your loved ones here. They might be coping with aging or health issues. Entrust will have a team that checks on the welfare of these loved ones on a regular basis, offers emotional support as needed and, most importantly, responds to emergency calls at any time of the night or day. (Additionally, we are aware that many NGOs send volunteers to homes of elderly people. With the money we earn through this service, we will fund such NGO initiatives.)

Think of the number of times you have bought a piece of farmland/ apartment/ a villa/ a commercial property in India on impulse/ on someone’s advise or have inherited some ancestral properties. Sooner than later you may have realised the demand it has on your personal time and efforts, whether to maintain/ liquidate/ make it an income generating asset. Right!

A well maintained, market ready property not only fetches you a good rental/ selling price for sure, it will also give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We at Entrust can become the trustworthy care taker for your properties through our Real Estate Services.

You are probably planning to have or already have philanthropic interests in the country. You can leverage our Social Investment services to initiate or expand your philanthropic footprint.

In short, we go beyond being a Family office that takes care of your investments. We aim to be an extended arm of your family. Does that sound too lofty or unrealistic? Well, we do understand the implications of our commitment. That is why we are unable to offer this service to every HNI-OCI. We will first ensure that we have sufficient bandwidth before committing ourselves. We have piloted this service already and are convinced that it is both financially viable and close to our hearts.

To know more, please get in touch with us at +91 80 4147 9777