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Fuelled by global recognition and successes in many domains, a new class of UHNI Indian expatriates has emerged in the recent past.

These high-achieving individuals and families want to retain strong bonds with India. Part of that endeavour is to have a notable financial presence in the country. This means that they must keep one eye on Indian markets on a daily basis. Despite a scattering of wealth managers and other professionals they cannot rest assured that their Indian monies are being safely managed by a trusted custodian. Clearly, these global citizens deserve better.

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Investment Services

Family CFO

Real Estate Services





Regularly update the client without disrupting their workday in a different time zone.

Assume a multidimensional approach to help the client.



Investment Services

Due to the lack of knowledgeable facilitators, exceptionally wealthy families lose opportunities to make long-term private equity investments that have the potential to offer much higher returns. Our experienced team guides and manages your investments.



Family CFO

For a global citizen, tax complexity is high. The rules change from time to time and vary across various jurisdictions. Compliance across various assets classes is a difficult area to manage. Our Family CFO services take care of such complexity.



Real Estate

Offer our Real Estate Services to manage that asset class for the client and thereby help them free their bandwidth. Offerings in this include reconnaissance, acquisition, documentation, maintenance, and liquidation. Thus, make a difficult asset class manageable for the client.




Implement and monitor quality of healthcare given to aging relatives in India. Be available during medical emergencies. Use the money earned through this to fund NGOs that send volunteers to the homes of the elderly.




Offer our Social Investment Services to help the client initiate or expand their philanthropic footprint.


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Considering the breadth and intensity required to service this vertical, we are unable to offer it to every HNI-OCI. Upon receiving your missive, we will first ensure that we have sufficient bandwidth before committing ourselves. This vertical is close to our hearts, and we want to ensure that we optimise the satisfaction felt by every single client.

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