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Financial Planning

Portfolios must align with individuals. They must offer:

  • Easy liquidity – be solvent during unanticipated contingencies.
  • Long-term returns – enough to take care of all needs even with rising life expectancy.
  • Protection from inflation.
  • A ready way to meet important expenses such as higher-education, weddings etc.

We craft portfolios with all these factors in mind.




Our investment management team has conquered many tumultuous market cycles by focusing as much on risk as on returns. We also conduct a rigorous assessment of each new client so as to align their investment plans with their risk appetite.

Our Investment Philosophy

An open architecture with a transparent and unbiased approach to asset allocation.

Robust research across various asset classes.

Breadth of products including mutual funds, bonds, segregated portfolios, and other alternate products.

Deep engagement with key market participants.

Planning and reviewing of investments on the basis of the overall framework designed for each client.

Models of Engagement

  1. AMFI registered MF distributor model: Through Entrust AMFI registered Entity.
  2. SEBI registered Investment Advisory model: Through EFOIA (Entrust Family Office Investment Advisors Pvt.Ltd).


Risk Management

Our Risk Management vertical pivots around three ideas:

  1. We allocate assets in a manner that significantly reduces risks at the portfolio level, asset class level and fund/instrument level.
  2. We factor in market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and much more while constructing portfolios.
  3. We initiate clients at the lower end of the risk band and gradually up the ante as and when the client gets confidence in our ability to navigate risks.


Exclusive Services

We understand that our clients experience several lifestyle-related needs that clog their bandwidth. Through our Exclusive Services vertical, we address these needs, be they mundane or sophisticated. Specifically, we offer the following:

  • Creation and Management of Wills & Private Trusts
  • Tax planning & legal services
  • Property Management
  • Corporate CFO services

Nandan Nilekani has been a client of Entrust from its inception in the year 2013. Given the potential India presents itself in the financial services sector, he is very graciously mentoring the Entrust Group as it looks to scale up......

Nandan Nilekani

Co-Founder and Non- Executive Chairman of Infosys & Founding Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

First client of Entrust Family Office since 2013


"My relationship with Entrust goes back even before the company was launched. I knew Rajmohan, the other founders, and the team at Entrust when they set out on their journey of providing unbiased, customer centric, transparent..."

N R K Raman

Advisor - Business and Technology Strategy; Angel Investor and formerly MD & CEO of Oracle Financial Services S/w (i-flex solutions).

Client of Entrust since 2013


"Reaching the age of 65 is a momentous occasion. Living in the US, this is the time when most people retire. It is a milestone, at which time people start to draw on their social security and are eligible for Medicare....."

Arjun Reddy

US NRI and Client of Entrust since 2019


"The essence of wealth management is trust. The wealth manager ought to be a trustee for the client. The true test of a wealth manager’s brand equity is the degree to which the client is willing to repose near blind trust....."


Ex- Executive Director of ITC and client of Entrust since 2019