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Because wealth is only one
dimension of what you leave behind.

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It is not easy
living with
vast wealth.

Often those who strive hard to make a quantum of wealth find themselves underprepared to face the challenges of managing it.


The windfall effect

One cannot predict the moment when the windfall will happen. Managing the aftermath is even more difficult.


Taxation and audit rules change all the time. Keeping abreast of them takes more effort for the inexperienced.


With vast wealth comes vast emotional churn, which comes in the way of making objective investment decisions.

We believe families with fortunes also need to be looked after.

  • You deserve to live well – to pursue ambitions, cultivate pleasures and feel togetherness.

You deserve solutions customised to cater to the needs of every single family member.

You deserve somebody who sits on your side of the table – somebody you can trust, and with whom you can have complex conversations when needed.

We want to help shorten the distance between

Success and

Preserving, nurturing and enhancing Wise Wealth.

Modes of Engagement


Personal Investment Management

INR 10 to 50 Cr portfolio

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Multi-family Office

> INR 50 crores portfolio

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Single Family Office

> INR 2000 crores asset base

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Independent Services


CFO Services

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Estate, Legacy and Succession Planning

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There's more to billionaires than trips to space

Wise Wealth

by Rajmohan Krishnan

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  • "My relationship with Entrust goes back even before the company was launched. I knew Rajmohan, other founders and team of Entrust when they set out on their journey of providing unbiased, customer centric, transparent and holistic Family Office services to select clients. Their promise of putting “Customer” first in terms of assessing specific investment needs, risk appetite and return expectations; and managing their wealth in the most efficient ways has withstood the test of time. The code of ethics and financial dealings including relations with other financial product and business partners have been consistently above board and exceptional. From humble beginnings, Entrust has grown in stature and confidence in the eyes of their customers, managing bulk or all of their assets and wealth over the years, I can vouch for it personally in my case. Entrust brought in impactful, long term changes in my portfolio allocations that has led to considerable reduction in risk, lock-ins and costs while ensuring predictable returns."

    It's more than a business and transactional relationship, in fact truly a family connect with Entrust that has been nurtured carefully and I am delighted and grateful. I believe Entrust is well poised to grow in the future based on the strong foundation laid by the founding team and the senior management.

    N R K Raman, Advisor - Business and Technology Strategy Investor and formerly MD & CEO of Oracle Financial Services S/w (i-flex solutions).Client of Entrust since 2013.

  • The essence of wealth management is trust. The wealth manager ought to be a trustee of the client. The true test of a wealth manager’s brand equity is the degree to which the client is willing to repose near blind trust in him.

    I am happy to say that I have experienced this phenomenon with Entrust Family Office. Their managers are trust worthy. Their concern for the client is honest. Their ability to understand client needs and design appropriate investment strategies is comparable to competitive benchmarks. Their measured conservatism is reassuring.

    I have found their client centric service philosophy to be holistic. They address client needs in totality, providing help and advice beyond the immediate boundaries of pure wealth management. I also find it comforting that the Entrust promoters subscribe to a vision founded on values that define a societal role for business. Entrust promoted NGO, Ekatvam strives to provide compassionate care for the elderly. It also contributes to the cause of performing arts, particularly Indian classical music. I wish Entrust all the very best in its growth journey.

    K.Vaidyanath, Ex- Executive Director of ITC and client of Entrust since 2019

  • "Nandan Nilekani has been a client of Entrust from its inception in the year 2013. Given the potential India presents itself on the financial services sector, he is very graciously mentoring the Entrust Group as it looks to scale up. As a Mentor, his insights on business, the industry landscape and customer relations has been of immense value to Entrust."

    Nandan Nilekani | First client of Entrust Family Office since 2013

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Seasoned fund managers and other domain experts who have navigated volatile market cycles. Known for vigilance and forensics.

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