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Real Estate is one of the toughest asset classes to manage.

Inheritance of real estate is a complicated process. It requires lots of maintenance efforts and is difficult to monitor on a daily basis. On top of that, humans outgrow homes and, quite often, the next generation does not find the asset to their liking. When that happens, the lack of liquidity of the asset class becomes a challenge. It therefore makes sense for UHNI clients to outsource the constant emotional upheavals that are associated with the management of this asset class.

Our Offerings

We cover all forms of Real Estate – residential and commercial, land/ industrial land, and Corporate Asset Transaction.

Advisory Services

Risk Profiling

Real Estate Portfolio Audit

Need-gap analysis

Setting of short-term and long-term goals

Acquisition-divestment or hold of assets

Property Valuation

Product Development – optimise land use – residential, commercial, retail, hospitality etc.

RE Financial Investments.

Management Services (For Existing Properties)

Up-to-date maintenance of documents

Payments pertaining to property


Portfolio review

Property maintenance

Transactions Services

Legal Due Diligence

Valuation and Price Negotiation

Acquisition and Liquidation

Forging of Joint Development or Joint Ventures

Renting or leasing


Raising capital through bank loans/PE-RE Funding/ Loan Syndication etc.

Registration formalities.



Keep track of Real Estate trends in key geographies.


Maintain a network of reliable professionals plying the domain.


Understand each client’s financial and emotional expectations from their Real Estate assets.


Be comprehensive.


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Nandan Nilekani has been a client of Entrust from its inception in the year 2013. Given the potential India presents itself in the financial services sector, he is very graciously mentoring the Entrust Group as it looks to scale up......

Nandan Nilekani

Co-Founder and Non- Executive Chairman of Infosys & Founding Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India.

First client of Entrust Family Office since 2013


"My relationship with Entrust goes back even before the company was launched. I knew Rajmohan, the other founders, and the team at Entrust when they set out on their journey of providing unbiased, customer centric, transparent..."

N R K Raman

Advisor - Business and Technology Strategy; Angel Investor and formerly MD & CEO of Oracle Financial Services S/w (i-flex solutions).

Client of Entrust since 2013


"Reaching the age of 65 is a momentous occasion. Living in the US, this is the time when most people retire. It is a milestone, at which time people start to draw on their social security and are eligible for Medicare....."

Arjun Reddy

US NRI and Client of Entrust since 2019


"The essence of wealth management is trust. The wealth manager ought to be a trustee for the client. The true test of a wealth manager’s brand equity is the degree to which the client is willing to repose near blind trust....."


Ex- Executive Director of ITC and client of Entrust since 2019