We partner with clients to nurture and
grow Wise Wealth

We partner with clients to nurture and grow Wise Wealth

We serve families with fortunes and help them create a lasting legacy, in which their wealth is just one dimension of what they leave behind.

Unlike the norm in the financial industry, our loyalty is to you and you alone because we have eliminated every possible conflict of interest in our business model. Therefore, the advice we distil for you is as pure and objective as possible.

Since no two UHNIs are the same, we base our services on knowing the unique needs of you and your family. We make an effort to understand your portfolio as well as your personality. Every action we take on your behalf is geared towards your long-term welfare.

We are seasoned professionals who epitomise the highs and lows of multiple market cycles. Our expertise belongs to you and your future generations. And with us by your side, your time can fully belong to you and your loved ones.

In a nutshell, we serve the wisely wealthy and, in doing so, strive to make the world a better place. Our clients want the next generation to inherit not just the money but also their values and the responsibility that comes along with exceptional wealth.

We, at Entrust, are the custodians and growth merchants of Wise Wealth. Wealth that grows quietly, transparently, diligently and exponentially.





Cautious & Conservative

Simple to manage


A means to an end

Leaves behind a better world



Like a spaceship, an organisation requires massive amounts of fuel to propel it forward during launch. This fuel must be provided by founding members, and it takes the form of proactive leadership, aligned vision, diverse skill set, and the passion to serve clients with a non-conflict business model.


Rajmohan Krishnan

Principal Founder & Managing Director

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Sreepriya NS

Co-Founder & Director

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Shashank Khade

Co-Founder and Director

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Core Team



by Rajmohan Krishnan

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We stay in the background and focus on the essential.

A caring, familial approach.

Conflict-free, transparent fee-based model.

A single-window approach to all the needs of the client’s family.

Combining strategising with implementation.

Seasoned fund managers and other domain experts who have navigated volatile market cycles. Known for vigilance and forensics.

Buy-side and institutional approach to research and investing.